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Smart downlight automation kit - 8 x Downlights, Gateway, 2 x smart sensors

Smart downlight automation kit - 8 x Downlights, Gateway, 2 x smart sensors

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Spend $80 FREE Zigbee hub*

Protocol - Zigbee


Introductory Offer save over $80 - the complete smart home starter kit has you covered.

8 pack dimmable full colour changing + white light  90mm cutout Zigbee downlights

Imagine effortlessly managing your smart lights from anywhere, at any time. With our innovative lighting product, you can easily keep your home secure and looking stunning, even when you're miles away. Say goodbye to worries about leaving your lights on or coming home to a dark house.

Starter pack contents 4 options:

  • 8 x zigbee smart 90mm downlights
  • 1 x zigbee smart wired or wireless hub
  • 2 x zigbee movement sensors or
  • 2 x zigbee contact/door sensors

Starter kit has what you need to get started with zigbee smart home automation. Swap out your old 90mm down lights for Zigbee smart lights and you are ready to experience total control over your lighting.

SmartLife phone app by TUYA allows you to set the lighting mood or automate what lights are on anytime, anywhere, integrates for full voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and Apple HomeKit with our wired hub option.
Our smart light features full 16m changeable colour range plus white light range of 3000k-6000k is dimmable from 100% to 1%. To use zigbee smart lights, you will need the included zigbee gateway bridge hub.
Alternatively, Amazon Echo(4th gen), Echo Show 8(ver3), 10 or Echo Plus, all have built-in zigbee hubs (Amazon see the power of Zigbee)

Our Zigbee downlights takes smart lighting to the next level, offering a plethora of advanced features that allow you to personalise and create an intelligent lighting system throughout your home. Experience the reliability and seamless connectivity of Zigbee mesh networks with built-in encryption, empowering you to control your lights in groups, set timers, and link with sensors to create automation's to control your home your way.
The possibilities are endless only limited by imagination.
Certified to Australian/NZ standard
Pre-wired with Australian 0.6m power lead & plug
Quick plug-in install in most homes built after 2010 with downlights
90mm cut-out
Pre 2010 homes may require installation by an electrician if existing downlights are hardwired.  
*NOTE: Doing your own electrical work is dangerous. Under the Electrical Safety Act and AS/NZS300 all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician.
Note: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home are Trade names of the Trademark owners and in no way associated with this site.
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