In my experience - Smart Homes can be intimidating

In my experience - Smart Homes can be intimidating

Embrace the Future: Designing a Smart, Seamless Home

Building your own home is a thrilling yet overwhelming journey. I remember my experience being filled with decisions, each one more crucial than the last. I thought I had my electrical plan all figured out, but then the electrician had other ideas. The result? Switches placed in all the wrong spots with bizarre two-way links that made no sense at all. Lesson learned!

The term ‘smart homes’ can be intimidating. I used to cringe at the thought of technical jargon and the hefty price tags of smart devices, walking away from retail stores with more confusion than before. If you’re standing in the same spot, wondering how to future-proof your home without getting bogged down by technology, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore some simple, thought-provoking scenarios to help you take that leap into the world of smart homes and fall in love with the functionality and versatility of EyZEE® smart devices.

Simplify Two-Way Switching

Did you know that two-way switching requires additional wiring during the initial building stages? I had no clue when I built my home, and now I regret not having switches linked where I wanted them. But here’s the good news: with EyZEE® smart switches, you can turn any switch into a two, three, or four-way switch without needing extra wiring, all controlled through an easy app interface. Say goodbye to the headache of planning switches before the walls are even up!

Expand Your Power Point Capabilities

Think beyond the basics of power points. With EyZEE® smart power points, you can control any device plugged in, from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s adjusting the lighting for security purposes or turning on the slow cooker halfway through the day for a perfect dinner, the possibilities are endless. Imagine the convenience and peace of mind knowing you have such control at your fingertips. Think outside the box – it’s likely possible with smart technology!

Create the Perfect Ambiance

Do you have a household member who loves to create while watching TV, but the glaring light drives everyone else crazy? EyZEE® downlights in the lounge can be your solution. With these smart lights, you can control brightness and even change colours individually. Set the perfect mood for any occasion without any hassle!

Dream Big with Your Electrical Plan

My advice? Don’t see your electrical plan as a reflection of your current home. Use it as a canvas to dream and explore endless possibilities. If something doesn’t work as planned, smart devices make it easy to adjust without the need for costly electrician visits. Future-proofing your home with smart technology means you can adapt and evolve with ease.

So, take the plunge into the world of smart homes with EyZEE® devices. Let your home be a testament to innovation, functionality, and comfort, all within your control. Happy designing!


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