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FAN LIGHT SWITCH - Zigbee fan light 3 speed smart touch switch HomeKit support

FAN LIGHT SWITCH - Zigbee fan light 3 speed smart touch switch HomeKit support

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Protocol - Zigbee


We are soooo excited about our new model fan light switch with HomeKit and Home Assistant support attractive new look to enhance the aesthetics of your home. 

Limited stock so be first to pre-order with delivery ETA 27th May  

Automate control of standard ceiling fans with the beautiful look and feel of quality touch switches by EyZEE with full gloss glass faceplate that will never fade.

  • Works with Alexa, Google Home through app
  • Works with Apple HomeKit via Zigbee HomeKit hub
  • Versatile SmartLife by TUYA phone app
  • Requires Zigbee gateway hub (free with purchase**)
  • Aesthetically pleasing design available in Black or White gloss finish

Transform your outdated rotary knob fan switch into a stylish designer touch switch that not only looks beautiful but also adds an element of architectural sophistication to the future of fan control.

With our innovative switch, you can manage your fans effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of touch control or take it to the next level by using your smartphone with our user-friendly app.

But that's not all - we offer you the power to create personalised automation settings. Imagine your fans adjusting their speed or switching on and off based on weather conditions, temperature, time or any other variables you set. It's the epitome of modern comfort and convenience. Make the smart switch, and upgrade your fan control experience today!

Tech info:

Smart Life APP Remote Control: Real-time ON/OFF state feedback, you can control all switches in your house by mobile; Support both Android and IOS.

Power Cut Memory Function: Memory the last status when the power restored after power cut.

LED Backlight ON/OFF: If you don’t want the LED backlight at night when you sleep, you can turn it off/on in the App. Four options of LED backlight (blue, red, pink, off)

Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit (new model visible in Home Assistant).

Smart Timing ON/OFF Light: You can add and set the time of switching ON/OFF on App any time .

Control remote devices: Control your ceiling fans in groups on your Zigbee network, control all fans from any switch. For example use a spare switch in kitchen to control all fans in the house.

Temperature Control: Add a thermometer and set your fans o turn on when it gets hot or turn off when it gets cold.

AC Fan Control: Fan light switch includes speed capacitor or use your own.

DC Fan Control: Can be linked through RF controller, talk to us.

Building: Talk to us about trade rates for house lots, can be pre-configured.

Tech stuff:

  • Colour: White gloss, Black gloss, Silver Trim White.
  • Finish: Tempered gloss finish glass
  • Size: 120mm x 72mm x 33mm (standard AU/NZ size)
  • Operating Voltage: 110-240V AC/50Hz~60Hz
  • Rated Load: 1000W/Gang Max 2500W
  • Frequency:  Zigbee 3.0 hub required
  • App control: Free SmartLife App by TUYA, share control with family, 1000's of devices work off the one app including Zigbee, BLE, WiFi devices, no more juggling apps.
  • Group control: Group all your fans in the app so one touch controls all
  • Neutral wire: Requires a neutral talk to your electrician
  • Capacitor required: Included with fan switch or use existing fan controller
  • Easy setup: Terminals output circuit mimics std rotary fan switch control
  • Tap here for wiring information, Must be fitted by Reg Electrician.

Certification: AU/NZ standards certified RCM registered. (Don't risk your insurance with non certified electrical products)

Certified to Australian/NZ standard, requires neutral wire and capacitor for speed control
 *NOTE: Under the Electrical Safety Act and AS/NZS300 all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician.
Note:* Amazon Alexa and Google Home are Trade names of the Trademark owners and in no way associated with this site.
Note** Zigbee gateway offer with purchase
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