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Best quality smart ceiling downlight Zigbee 90mm full colour and subtle white Illumination

Best quality smart ceiling downlight Zigbee 90mm full colour and subtle white Illumination

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Protocol - Zigbee

Transform your home into a super-smart lighting paradise with Zigbee smart downlights by EyZEE!

Our cutting-edge 90mm Smart Downlight, offering easy setup, seamless Zigbee integration, intuitive app controls, and voice command capabilities!

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Control your lighting effortlessly, save energy, adjust brightness and make a positive impact on your life with a home full of colour every day. Don't wait – upgrade your home's vibe now!

Most modern homes it's a simple unplug and swap! 

Tech stuff:

  • Input Voltage: 200V-240V
  • Power: 10W
  • Outer ring Diameter: 108mm
  • Ceiling hole cutout 90mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Temperature: -20~50℃
  • Lifetime: 30000h
  • Ratings: IC4, IP44 below ceiling, IP20 above ceiling
  • Materials: Plastic cover
  • Light Source: LED
  • LED Chip: SMD 2835
  • Lights acts as a zigbee mesh router
  • CCT: RGB + CW 3000k-6000k
  • Beam Angle: 90°
  • Fascia: Recessed/ Flat
  • Installation: Recessed
  • Control: Tuya SmartLife app, Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit
  • Functions: CCT/ Light colour change, Scene Model Setting, Wake up, Time setting, Group Control
  • Pre-terminated with a 0.5m lead with AU Plug
  • 12 Months Australian warranty.
Why go Zigbee? - Why not!
    1. Unparalleled Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional lighting. With our Zigbee smart downlights, you can effortlessly control your lighting from anywhere in your home. Adjust the brightness, set the perfect mood with vibrant colours, subtle whites and schedule your lights to match your lifestyle all at your fingertips!

    2. Total Control: Take charge of your home's ambiance like never before. Our smart downlights are designed to put you in control. Whether you're at home or on the go, use your smartphone or voice commands to create the ideal lighting environment. Your home, your rules!

    3. Savings Galore: Experience remarkable energy efficiency that puts money back in your pocket. Our smart downlights are engineered to reduce electricity consumption, helping you cut down on energy costs. Dim the lights, set timers, and watch your bills shrink. It's lighting that's as smart as it is efficient!

    4. Colour Your World: Elevate your living spaces with a burst of colour! Our Zigbee smart downlights offer a full spectrum of colours to suit any occasion or mood. Whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a romantic dinner, or winding down for the evening, our lights have you covered and lights can have a positive impact on your life detailed in our blog post.

    5. Tailor-Made Ambiance: Customise your lighting experience with ease. Save your favourite lighting scenes and effortlessly recall them with a single touch or voice command. Plus, seamlessly integrate downlights with other smart devices to create a harmonious and fully automated living environment.

    6. Seamless Integration: Our Zigbee technology ensures seamless compatibility with your existing smart home ecosystem. Connect your downlights effortlessly to other smart devices like door sensors, cameras, and locks. Your home will work in perfect harmony, boosting your comfort and security.

    7. Stay Future-Ready: When you invest in our Zigbee smart downlights, you're investing in the future. Zigbee is renowned for its adaptability and future-proofing. Rest assured, your lighting system will evolve alongside the latest advancements.

    8. Downlight Names: Different people and geographical locations have different names for downlights so if you call them can lights, upside down lights, up down lights, recessed led lights and even Rainbow lights you are not alone. Some people come looking for ceiling spotlights, fascia lights, colour changing lights and RGB pocket lights but rest assured if you need hardwired for retro fit or plugin downlights we have the future of smart lighting covered and there is one clear winner, and that is the user's experience.

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    Installation: Most modern homes have a downlight power plug in the ceiling for a simple unplug and plugin installation

    Summer Tip! when insects are about change your lights to a yellow or green tone and reduce the insect attraction, also reduces light pollution.

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    Certified to Australia lighting AU/NZ standard and comes pre-wired with .6m AU/NZ power lead and plug for a quick plug-in install in most homes with 90mm cut-out downlights and power socket in ceiling. Older homes will require installation by an electrician if existing downlights are hardwired.  
     *NOTE: Under the Electrical Safety Act and AS/NZS300 all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician.
    Note:* Trade names belong of their respective Trademark owners and are not associated with this company.

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