Zigbee the complete loT solution for smart devices

Eyzee Zigbee wired Homekit gateway top of the range quality at a fair price.

Unlocking Zigbee's true brilliance, the Gateway Hub creates a flawlessly interconnected and intelligent environment, setting the gold standard for smart home technology.

The modern home will have every light switch, power point and light controlled as groups or individually through a smart home system. The inherent superiority of Zigbee being attributed to its utilisation of a gateway hub, offering unparalleled benefits that enhance connectivity, reliability, and overall performance in smart home ecosystems.

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This is not science fiction as many home owners today are future proofing with complete smart light and switch fit outs of 40-70 switches plus another 40-70 smart lights.
Choosing the smart home protocol that will handle 100’s of switches and lights is where Zigbee shines above the rest. Zigbee built from the ground up with the modern home in mind can easily manage 100 plus devices on one small ZigbeTUYA SmartLife App QR codee gateway hub. Add to this the huge advantage that this gateway hub only requires one connection to the internet via your NBN WiFi router and you have control of your home network from anywhere you have a mobile phone.

I already have WiFi so why not just use WiFi devices?
WiFi is a great protocol and has it’s place in the smart home with devices like cameras and audio visual devices that require to pass large amounts of data. However we all know that lagging feeling when someone is gaming or streaming a movie and the WiFi slows down, now imagine another 100 constant connections of all your lights and switches all having to wait their turn to access the WiFi. WiFi was not designed for this job but Zigbee was designed for just this and the more Zigbee devices you add to your home the better it works at the speed of light.
Zigbee is a radio frequency protocol that was specifically designed for Internet of Things(IoT) home and industrial automation. It is supported by the biggest names in smart home electronics through a collaboration known as the Connectivity Standards Alliance. This Alliance has created the interconnection standards

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Zigbee, Matter and Thread IoT protocols are “open source” so any manufacturer can adopt them. Zigbee the complete loT solution for smart devices is a mesh type network where smart devices from different manufacturers can communicate in one encrypted secure language (zigbee protocol).

What if your Zigbee gateway hub loses internet connection on those days when your internet provider is having an outage will your lights and switches still work?

The simple answer is yes, it is in local control through your Zigbee gateway with switches, lights and most sensors connected at the local control level continuing to run their automated functions. Sounding too complicated? Don’t worry the gateway hub is the brains of the system and works all this out for you automatically. Just know that if the internet goes down, everything that does not need the internet will still work.   
Setting up your smart home has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate and control multiple devices from different manufacturers through the one app, eliminating the need for multiple apps and ensure a streamlined and intuitive user experience or seamlessly link your favourite voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homekit and talk to your home.

Image depicting zigbee mesh network

Zigbee gateways include wired and wireless hubs: Wireless has the benefit of a wireless connection to your WiFi router and the outside world that means the hub can be placed in any convenient location with WiFi access.
Whereas the wired hub is very simple to setup and has the benefit of a hardwired connection to your WiFi router and the outside world but does need to be near the WiFi router as connected by a cable. Both systems work extremely fast with very little latency however due to its hard wired connection the wired gateway is fractionally faster but in real life most people wouldn't notice the difference.

Both wired and wireless zigbee gateways will intergrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home offering voice control and automation of your connected home. To connect through Apple Homekit make sure that you order a Homekit compatible zigbee gateway.
NOTE: We know you won't regret choosing a Zigbee smart home network so for customers new to us we will help you on your journey with a FREE wireless Zigbee gateway hub when you spend over $50 on product.
  • Benefits of Zigbee vs WiFi only smart home networks:

  • Zigbee is an open source protocol so product from multiply manufacturers will communicate together.
  • Zigbee is secure with each device having encrypted data.
  • Zigbee is very low energy so uses much less power than WiFi devices.
  • Zigbee devices are much easier to install than WiFi devices.
  • Zigbee devices form a self healing mesh network between devices so the system fixes its own problems.
  • Zigbee requires just one connection to the WiFi router by the zigbee controller hub where WiFi devices require a separate connection between each device and the WiFi router slowing down your WiFi.
  • The Zigbee gateway controller hub allocates security and controls the entire zigbee network with communications rerouting if any device becomes unresponsive.
  • Zigbee end devices like thermostats and door sensors use so little energy they can often run for over 12-24 months on a small battery.
  • Zigbee hardwired devices like switches and lights transmit the network signal to other zigbee devices so a zigbee network can cover very large areas as the signal bounces from one device to another until it reaches its destination device. Whereas WiFi devices require every signal to be sent from the WiFi router all the way to the destination device.
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