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Welcome to our Smart Home Family, where our purpose is deeply rooted in helping individuals discover and nurture their passion for home automation.

Our why is centred around providing quality products to empower you on this exciting journey, with a special emphasis on the Zigbee system, which we believe is the optimal choice for home automation.

Located in the picturesque Port Macquarie, NSW, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction remains our paramount priority. Should you ever have inquiries or encounter any challenges with your purchase, we encourage you to connect with us without hesitation.

Our goal is to guarantee that your interaction with our products is nothing less than extraordinary.

Rest assured, all our products undergo meticulous testing right here in Australia, adhering to the highest AU/NZ standards. Furthermore, each item is supported by a minimum 12-month repair/replacement warranty, emphasizing our commitment to quality assurance.

For prompt assistance, don't hesitate to call us at 0423 371 752. If the line is occupied, kindly leave a message, and we will promptly return your call. Alternatively, tap the support tag to your right to explore Instant Answers and the convenient Chat Form or use the Contact Form below.

Our mission is to make your experience with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible, as we warmly welcome you to our Smart Home Family.


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