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 Instruction manuals

  • TUYA + Smart Life APP manual PDF
  • Smart Life TUYA APP download QR code
  • How to guides Video
  • How to connect wired hub to the WiFi router
  • Connecting your Zigbee hub to the Router connection
  • Setup wired Zigbee gateway hub
  • Setup Matter-Thread-Zigbee Hub(Zemismart M1)
  • Connect Zigbee smart downlight to App
  • Setup colour downlights in App
  • Enable an automation at sunset
  • Two way EyZEE switch demonstration
  • Setup EyZEE two way switching in the SmartLife app
  • How to guides PDF
  • How to setup app and install smart devices PDF
  • How to reset smart devices PDF
  • How to create a home name convention PDF
  • Fan Light switch capacitor wiring guide PDF
  • Alpha motors drive catalogue PDF
  •  AU/NZ in scope electrical certification certificates/ Tech Fact Sheets
  • EyZEE Smart Switches Tech Fact Sheet PDF
  • Smart Light certification PDF
  • Smart switches certification PDF
  • Smart GPO certification PDF