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Q. Do you need a Zigbee hub?

WiFi to Zigbee hub to Mesh network image

A. "HELL YEAH" it is the HUB that makes Zigbee so good and gives superior control of Zigbee devices.

Zigbee gateway hub is mini computer called a controller sitting between your WiFi router and your Zigbee smart home devices.

Zigbee hubs are available in both wired and wireless variants:

A wired hub establishes a direct connection to your WiFi router via a network cable offering the distinct advantage of straight forward setup through a simple plug-in process. 

Conversely, a wireless hub connects to your WiFi network wirelessly using a password, affording the flexibility of placing the hub anywhere within WiFi signal range.

If you're uncertain about which one to choose, opting for the wired hub might be preferable. It offers easier setup and marginally quicker performance.
TUYA SmartLife App for EyZee Zigbee gateway hub

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Expandable and Future-Ready: Our gateway hubs are designed to adapt as your smart home grows. Easily add new devices to your network and stay ahead of the curve with over the air (OTA) updates and the latest innovations in smart technology or you can future proof now with the top of the range Matter-Thread-Zigbee hub.